Hello and welcome to the recently launched CROSSMARK Training Website.

This site has been designed with you, the CROSSMARK retail rep in mind. Here you will find a collection of useful resources that have been crafted to assist you in getting connected with CROSSMARK and the teams we represent.

Find your team in the navigation bar above and click on it. Once inside you’ll see all of your team-specific training materials. For example, if you’re on a Dedicated Team, click on Dedicated Teams and then your specific team. No matter your team, once inside your team’s page you’ll see training materials available to you. You will note some subjects have (*) next to them. This means that training course is required for your job. You will be paid for required courses. In order to ensure you are paid for a required training course, be sure to enter your time inside payroll entries, as Training time. If you have questions regarding your team’s training information, please contact your supervisor.

For ideas, suggestions or feedback on the training material - E-mail us at training.department@crossmark.com. Ready? Let’s get started.

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What's happening in our industry? Find out here. In this box you can catch up on hot topics, industry trends, company announcements, market projections and more. Because we don't think you should go out and find industry news, it should find you.

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Recognition isn't just the right thing to do; by celebrating it we reinforce the actions and behaviors CROSSMARK believes in most. In this box, you can read about individual, team, and company successes.


Who doesn't love a good factoid? Here's one: Dogs and cats are thought to be color-blind. That's wrong. They do have color vision, but not nearly as good as ours. In this box, you'll learn industry-specific and interesting factoids about CROSSMARK history, our brands, and our people.